How it's made

At Ice Storm, trust is the crux of our relationship with you, the client. We want to ensure you are comfortable with the work provided. There are no hidden industry secrets here. Honest and open, we share with you the process behind the brand!

The process at Ice Storm Jewelry starts with an idea. Whether it's a picture, a drawing, or just a simple explanation, the concept is born. We work with you, individually, to ensure that your vision isn't lost in translation. Once finalized on paper, the true art of crafting a fine piece of jewelry can begin.

Depending on complexity and your preference, a mold will either be made by hand or using a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software. This will allow for a wax positive to be built of the piece. The wax positive will be used in creating the silicone negative which will be molded into the precious metal of your choosing.

Once the final mold is made in the precious metal of your choosing, the piece will be de burred, tumbled, pre polished, dipped, and a final finish will be applied. The above photo displays a 14k white gold pendant prior to the finishing process next to the finished piece with set stones.

Ice Storm uses GIA certified, quality diamonds. Precious stones are individually examined and are used only if they meet a rigorous set of standards. We are determined to ensure client satisfaction. Clarity, color, cut, and a host of other specifications will be discussed prior to the final setting.


From a picture to reality. Using a reference photo, a 3D CAD mock up is designed in three pieces and a wax mold created for each.  The final product is molded into 18k rose & white gold. Center diamond is set as well as ones on the band and flower design.


From a quick sketch to reality. Using only a reference drawing and imagination, anything is truly possible when you have a vision.


Taking an impression on Spike TV Star, Joey Tattoo, for his custom 18k yellow gold grill.


Laser machine used in precision jewelry repair.


All it takes is a bit of imagination and a pen and paper. A custom one-off wedding band started from scratch. Preliminary sketch detailing the specifications before finalizing and 3D rendering.